Life Members

The following have been nominated for life membership on account of their outstanding contributions to the society:

Andrew Brebner Cat Stewart
Brian Gunnee Anne Hingston
Iain Hingston J. Derrick McClure MBE
Leslie McLeish Lindsey Masson
Paul Sherrard Barry Sherriffs
Adrian Smith Shirley Torrie
Tim Tricker

Morton Gauld

Morton Gauld

Many people in Aberdeen and around the world will mourn the loss of Morton Gauld, who passed away on Tuesday 11th April 2006.

Morton studied Classics at Aberdeen in the 1950s, and remained in the city through the ’60s and ’70s, teaching Latin in the schools. When the subject died out in Aberdeen schools, he had to take early retirement. After the closure of the Aberdeen University Classics Depatrment in 1987, Divinity graduates were left with no means of learning the language required by nearly all serious Church Historians and Biblical Scholars – Latin. Morton began teaching Latin informally to postgrads at this time, and soon became an important figure, known to present himself as the University’s ‘Fellow in Ecclesiastical Latin’.

Between 1995 and 2000, he was constantly to be seen on the Quad, engaged in slow and earnest conversation with postgrads. Soon, Morton had his own Latin class, a postgraduate class and also ran a Latin reading club. Futher still, dozens of Aberdeen University students will acknowledge that they could not have achieved their PhDs without his Latin teaching, proof-reading, and his unfailing assistance with every linguistic question.

Morton was a huge supporter of the society since its inception in 1976, and was the very first person to become an honorary life member of the G&S Society. He attended our annual productions, watching EVERY performance and by the end of the week he could name EVERY member of the cast (and most of the orchestra) and give a full report on their “progress” throughout the week! He may even have seen ALL of our annual productions.

Seat J21 in the Arts Centre was the only seat in the auditiorium never put on general sale because it was automatically reserved for Morton…not even the Director gets a seat reserved!

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