The Yeomen Of The Guard (2006)

Director – Shirley Cummings
Assistant Director – Kevin Thorburn
Musical Director – Brian Gunnee
Assistant Musical Director – Anne Herbert


Lieutenant of the Tower – Rognvald Martin
Colonel Fairfax – Andrew House
Sergeant Meryll – Colin Brockie
Leonard Meryll – Matthew Logan
Jack Point – Steve Worsley
Wilfred Shadbolt – Paul Tierney
The Headsman – Kevin Thorburn
Elsie Maynard – Anne Herbert
Phoebe Meryll – Nikki Alexander
Dame Carruthers – Helen Alba
Kate Carruthers – Lindsey Robinson

Chorus of Yeomen of the Guard:
Andrew Black, Barry Drennan, David Halliday, J. Derrick McClure, Leslie McLeish, Colin Simpson, Adrian Smith, Andrew Thom

Chorus of Aristocrats:
Sarah Cleland, Sally Dodds, Lian Duan, Kate Friday, Ruth Gerrard, Lauren Keyte, Bex Smith, Cat Stewart

Chorus of Commoners, Servants, Players & Beggars:
Jane Alley, Emily Bidwell, Andrew Brebner, Amy Chambers, Stephanie Coyle, Alison Dobson, Edward Friday, Joe Gormley, Christine Hadden, Clare Hobson, Emily Keefe, Lauren Kennedy, Helen Kincey, Hayley Manson, Janet MacKay, Laurie MacKay, Rosemary Martin, Victoria McLean, Razeena Nadeem, Laura Parsons, AmyBeth Smith, Katherine Smith, Emily Stewart, Mary Shaw Stewart, Christopher Wallace



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