Trial by Jury Trivia

Trial by Jury Trivia No. 1.

The libretto of Trial by Jury was not originally written for Sullivan.  Gilbert had intended it for Carl Rosa, who had asked him to write a one-act opera for the company which he had just founded.  The reason for Rosa’s dropping the project was the death of his wife Euphrosyne Parepa, who would have starred in the show: a sad event which had the fortunate result that when D’Oyly Carte approached Gilbert requesting him to write a short piece to be set by Sullivan, it was already to hand.

Trial by Jury Trivia No. 2.

Sullivan recorded in his diary that Gilbert read him the libretto of Trial by Jury “with a gradual crescendo of indignation, in the manner of a man considerably disappointed with what he had written.”  Sullivan, however, was delighted – “I was screaming with laughter the whole time” – and completed the music for Trial in the space of only five weeks.