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 Welcome to the Gilbert & Sullivan Trivia pages!  

Want to learn more about Gilbert and Sullivan? Here you will find anecdotes about the lives, and the colourful and strongly contrasting personalities, of William Schwenck Gilbert and Arthur Seymour Sullivan and their works. 

If our pages have inspired you you can find a wealth of information at the  Gilbert and Sullivan Archive . Note, by the way, that many frequently-recounted stories of Gilbert and/or Sullivan belong to tradition rather than history!


ThespisT                                  JuryT

Thespis                                                          Trial by Jury

The SorcererT                                   PinaforeT

The Sorcerer                                              H.M.S. Pinafore

PiratesT                                  PatienceT

The Pirates of Penzance                             Patience

IolantheT                                  Princess IdaT

Iolanthe                                                         Princess Ida

MikadoT                                   RuddigoreT

The Mikado                                                   Ruddigore

yeomenT                                   GondoliersT

Yeomen of the Guard                                  The Gondoliers

Utopia LimitedT                                   The Grand DukeT

Utopia Limited                                             The Grand Duke


                                           Miscellaneous Trivia


Images on this page are courtesy of  The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive.

Derrick McClure, who contributes the Trivia section, retired in 2009 after nearly forty years of lecturing in the English Department, during which he published four books and over a hundred articles on Scottish literary and linguistic topics. A Gilbert and Sullivan addict since he heard his first opera at the age of eight, he has sung in all but one (Utopia Limited) of the surviving thirteen G&S operas, his most recent being the University of Aberdeen Gilbert & Sullivan Society’s Sorcerer in February 2013. He was awarded an MBE in 2002 for services to Scottish culture.